Sunday, March 28, 2010

TOMMY WITT Interview!

here it is in all its glory..

Surfer: Tommy Witt
Age: 22
Profession: None
Sponsors: Retrospective wetsuits
Herbie Fletcher Surfboards
Astrodeck Traction
Ofish'l Fins

Just like any San Clemente surfer, Tommy Witt is content! Tommy shows up to the interview after a surf with typical look of a surfer; sunbleached hair, red eyes and one goal on his mind! Wolfing down 1 bean burrito, 1 cheese quesadilla and 3 rolled tacos and 1 pabst 24 oz. his priorities are in order and ready to divulge in the Q & A. He loves his life, surfs, works as little as possible and eats shitty food after surfing all day, the typical San Clemente surfer diet. But Tommy is nothing but typical. Young girls keep interrupting our interview with phone calls and texts' but I am not the one to drop in when females are catting around the coolest cat in town.
Tommy states he is influenced by the surfing of Herbie Fletcher and Joel Tudor and anyone who rips, thus landing himself a ProModel from Herbie Fletcher surfboards. In saying that you have to include the talented crew he is constantly surrounded by at San' O (San Onofre State Park) to include greats like Mickey Munoz, Christian Wach, Alex Knost, Jared Mell and a plethora of young ripping kids. What is NOT typical of the laxidaysical S.C. surfer is the way he approaches longboarding and the grace and technical tricks he has mastered unlike anyone else.
To put it simple, Tommy just likes surfing like everyone else does. His favorite waves include the Trestles area and the surrounding San Clemente beaches. Surfing didn't just come natural, Tommy states he has to "try just like everyone else" and "no one is a natural at surfing." He Likes to surf all types of boards from fishes, to trifins, to 10ft. logs and surfs with his friends besides the longboard crew like Dane Ward and Drew V. The evenings have been finding him jamming out with Dane and Brandon Ragonovich.
Some people dont ask for much in life, what some would call unmotivated I call perfect balance and a "California Dream!" Tommy loves to surf in 78 degree water, LOVES his new record player and gets rootsy with such bands as 3rd World, Peter Tosh and Culture which should give you some idea of the speed his day goes in. Mr. Witt teaches hot girls to surf for money at San 'O all day, surfs his brains out and then meets up with the same hot girls at night to put down some beverages and B.B.Q. only to wake up and do it all over again the next day.
Unfortunately sometimes the beach bum lifestyle can work against you. Like when your supposed to finish shooting for an article , or get words out of a "recluse" type surfer on why they are so mysterious and show a "don't give a shit" attitude.
These are all things typical of what makes the "surfer" life seem more appealing to the mainstream.BUT what is it that seperates us? Why does one person take his surfing beyond others and if being a "Beach Bum" all day is bad, then how come it keeps landing Tommy on the cover of The Surfer's Journal?

Fuck it, I'm goin surfing!