Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a Day in the Life!!

Livin' the dream is what i keep gettin told it is...
sometimes i beg to differ yet others... tis true....
these blogs can be short and to the point sometimes.. sometimes i can get in depth or at least try...
so got kicked down the Jazz the Glass Board to work with by Nation MFG!!! Engle rules.. boards are nutz!
Christian liked it... and he hates fishes... got a tail pad and always good to see Ms. Dibi.
Sector 9 is treating me to a night with Hank 3... cant wait so off to the freeway with me.. waves were sick today but i ran some important errands.. shoot with Daniel Franks tomorrow and pop a few gems myself if im lucky..
dropped of the new Jazz the Glass DVD's to the one and only Jake Howard's office today.... would love to see some ESPN coverage.. they are good to me over there!!! stoked and isnt that what its about!!