Sunday, February 28, 2010

something positive

was gonna post some terrible stuff today about my life and how its goin..
but then i wasnt supposed to let ya'll know that life is tough and not friendly all the time..
i hope you like my art, cause its costing me my life..

heres a wave i will be chasing and its a secret!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trip out!

working with Christian Wach lately... cool cat and shot this of his back yard...
its raining here today and now the sun is out! WTH?! If a storm shows up at least bring some waves with ya! damn!!
oh well had fun at the pier yesturday.. clicked a good air on my new Nation board... worked really well i like this one...

Enjoy your day..

Friday, February 26, 2010

Quien es mas macho!?

which have you gotten hurt more by? a Surf Board or Skateboard?

my injuries are farely equil....
Josh Sleigh will have a good number for us as well.. Doin a story so these are a work in progress..
surf was fun today.. Heard a grenade went off on the freeway near pico.. Yowza!!!!

I like to push down dingy allys and do stalefishes on my surfboard riding photo by Carl Steindler of TWS mag.
a burning sunset during the fires....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Concrete Wave Portfolio!

WHEW.... when it rains it pours...
working on a 10 page portfolio for Concrete Wave...
here are a few that fall through the cracks...
Brian Botello, Alex Watson, Ed and Will Crum, Shawn just outta the pen, and tons more!!!! enjoy!!!
Skate and Destroy!!

Brian Mank inverts, Julian Faceplants, Wes Pushes and Cheek looks up Trisha's skirt!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photo Questions!!

THis letter came to me via email so i thought I would open the doorway for further questions and conversations you might have about photography, art and movie making.... thanks for taking a look....

"Hey Jon, over the past year I've gotten more serious about photography and will do some traveling/surfing in Asia over the summer. I'm curious, what lenses do you usually travel with? I've gotten a good variety but seems kind of sketch to bring them all."

Aloha Rob and Thanks for your inquiry... I usually try to pick the lenses i will need for the type of job i am goin on.. But in a nutshell these lenses are my staple...I bring alot because i do a variety of shoots when traveling.. from shootin local beauties on the beach, the surf action and skateboard/snowboard scene.... do you research on the spots and see whats the least you can bring to get the job done....

and that doesnt even scratch the surface on my iphone camera (see attatched laser cat photo) and G11 or snapshots and camera bodies.... sheesh.... dont forget the kitchen sink! haha
Bringing them all unfortunatlery is the call you have to make..
What i suggest is pelican cases and locking them to the frame of the car and or truck.. master locks and bike wires work good and can be used to wrap around toilet fixtures in third world country hotel rooms when goin out to dinner.

Or you can always take Laser Cats with you for protection!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Greatest American

Went to baja for a couple days... Lots of wind, banditos, and crowded lineups....
dont go down there....

sorry bout the dust on the photos... like i said conditions were Terrible...
Thanks to Sterling Morris for the great trip... Traveling with Sam Hann was cool and I wanna surf the wooden boards he makes...
Baja Bill was epic and great time!!!!!
Broke down outside of Tecate late but on the American side so life is good!
More updated when i get through the footage and photos more!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catchin' up with Baja!!

Excuse me while i dont normally like to just post random shit on here.... but i am catchin up wiht the past weeks worth of work...
I love DRI and have been blessed to use their music in my films as well as shoot them live on several occasions....
this is about 10 years ago and sick as hell.... check out their early stuff if you like 3o sec. songs.... I happen to fukin LOVE them!!!

this was a wave from last Valentines day if you keep track of that kind of shit....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rev. Horton Heat!!!

Baja filler update.... I'v been listening to the Rev. Horton Heat alot lately...
I have had some amazing times before, after and during the hours of being in or around the Rev.!!!
enjoy this while im outta town!!
Mike Losness, Warren Smith...

Baja Bound!

Goin to Baja early tomorrow with a Good American.. otherwise known as Sterling....
Should be a good trip and get me outta my element for a bit and just shoot some different subjects..

SOOOOOO i dont know how much i will be able to update ya'll so here are some photos from an upcoming project i have been collecting for..
Nathan Fletcher , Archy and Megadeth...
have a great week!

Jazz the Glass for SALE!!

Jazz The Glass is at the manufacturer's and will be arriving next week.
We have a discounted pre=release sale of the DVD for $14.99 at our website, DVDs will start shipping the last week of Feb. 2010 Check or for updates.
I didnt make this nor write the press release.. i only shot the surfing and help put the word out..
Good surf for the past couple of days..
Goin to mexico early tomorow with Sterling about 8 hours into baja...
here are some photos my friend Richard shot of me working last week.. I was a fan of Richards work as a grom looking at Surfer mag.. So its pretty rad to be on the other end of the lens by a real legend.. you can see the mountain behind and how pretty it has been here since all the rain and high pressures and blue skys...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

nation tails and lurker vision

Just lurking in the shaping room yesturday talkin tails and swells...

Richard Holcolmbe shot this photo of me lurkin at uppers..
Chatted up with Randy the Warehouse man yesturday at Surfer Mag. and he had some good stories about Richard..
Good Times..

Friday, February 12, 2010

Busy teachin surf!

so i am posting cool photos up early!!!
waves on the way!!
come on out and play!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christian Wach painting begins...

Just a starting point for what his art does.. cool stuff..
gettin mellow with Will Crum and friends...

Photo shoots/ Shaping bays

So i went up to the shaping bay to shoot portraits of Christian Wach for an upcoming piece.
I shot tons of photos of Legend shaper Steve Boehne doin his thing...
good times... enjoy the pretty photos.

Young Boehne was doin his thing as well cuttin off tails and makin it happen!
Good times and great people to surround yourself with!