Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keepin tabs..

NOt that i really keep score on things but i'v been pretty blessed to have gotten GREAT waves the past 6 or so times now i have been back.. WOW!!! i mean WOW!!!!
Started off a little wierd and gettin some slams on the inside bowls... small fast but fun..
GScott took his new seat out there to shoot..it hangs below the pier and is nutz!!!!!
definatly a good idea and angle..
I might update here again as photos arise..
good stuff.. The sun came out waves kept coming.. im sore and sunburned....
I was riding the Nation 6'0 bread winner..
Thats me spreadin my arms for the shot... It was the one great barrell that went by unridden.. I wear one booty cause i didnt have an Astrodeck front pad and the water is so silty that wax doesnt do the trick in Texas.. It's silt from the Mississipi river..
There's gona be some sick shots from GScott comin in the days to come!!
thanks for shootin!!