Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Surfboard Art

The broken wine bottle sketch makes it to the new surfboard. and I am frothing on these boards!! Huge thanks to Ryan Engle at Nation MFG. for getting these things together so quickly for me!! Can't wait to put em to the test.
Hope to find some empty pockets and looking forward to chatting more with the boss at the resort for setting up more work in Nicaragua this year.. Stoked.. Leaving tonite on a jet plane..... start the traveling surf tour now!!!
Have a Blessed Day!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Travels to Begin

With my travels about to start... i have been missing someone terrible... someone who has helped me grow, taught me more than i have ever known.. helped me out in time of need, helped me to become a better man.... for this i am grateful... Traveling has always mended these missing parts of my life and that is why its so important that i fight for what i want right now..So that this hole does not get filled with something less awesome or that I forget how amazing we are together.. for this is what i feel i need in my life. Distance makes the heart grow fonder yet in my line of work, i know it also lets you forget.. :( ... I hope that she finds what she needs too and it involves me in it... I am excited about traveling.. just wish i had my co-pilot with me... I hope she reads this and knows how much she truly means to me... I don't want to lose her.
Owen Wright... Pipeline... Yesturday after sending off the Kestrel photos this Red shoulder Hawk flew to the edge of the cliff with a small mouse in its mouth.. It let me get within 12 feet of it while on the ground and i watched it devour the mouse.... then up to the cactus and chilled out to let me shoot these fun photos..
Soooo cool...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Season Ender

That's All Folks.. hahah maybe a few more here and there but tis time to get ready to move full bore.. Still waiting the hear back about revisiting Ecuador and down to Peru.. ( crossing my fingers the Lord see's that its right and lets us move forward.) for i want this in my life..... quick sketch for my Rose.
Cleaned up 4 hard drives and about to have them all backing each other up and me being able to sleep more soundly knowing my library is firing on all cylinders and I can focus on producing works...Here is an American Kestrel i shot in the back yard yesturday as he was picking off lizards sunning themselves...
With that being said... I hope to be off Nov. 1st to El Salvador, Then Hawaii, (if it its meant to be) Ecuador and Peru, then New Zealand to Australia to Bali... Will be working hard to continue to travel and prosper in my field... here are some fun days from this summer... Thank you all to my friends who always welcome me back to town, the athletes i work closely with and the new friends I will meet on the way....
There were a few of the classic midday glass off firing all day surf til you can't move days which i truly love!!!
and this left is one of the most happy places in my life!!! Thanks to all my sponsors and help this year!!!
See ya next season!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jon Steele Biography

Been working hard cleaning up all loose ends and updating my life... here is a quick bio that I assembled before I get too busy and forget about all the hard work I have done that got me to this point!!! enjoy an insight to my life:
Jon Steele has the past 12 years experience in the editorial trenches of niche magazine departments and online magazines. As a two time photo editor, full time freelance photographer, writer, filmmaker and artist Steele secures his traveling lifestyle by selling his work to the industries top companies as well as contributing to the top surf publications around the world. Many of his globe trotting excursions include off the beaten path ventures of the Galapagos, Jamaica, Alaska, Indonesia, Italy, Fiji and Panama.
Jon Steele was born in San Antonio and grew up surfing the Texas Gulf Coast until the age of 20 residing in Corpus Christi. After securing his junior college art interest at Del Mar College where he found a niche for painting as well as drawing and photography he moved onto greener pastures and bigger waves. He was inspired by the right hand point waves and beautiful landscapes of Santa Barbara to push the envelope of his art. 15 years after his interest in photography Mr. Steele has come around full circle with his art incorporating photography, sculpting and painting and writings to bring the feeling of places he has traveled into one relevant piece at a time..
He secures his lifestyle by shooting photos as well as video. Residing in Southern California during the summer swell months he spends alot of time surfing shooting photos and hosting artistic photography shows and student lectures in Texas and at community colleges through out the U.S. Graduating from the esteemed Brooks Institute of Photography in 2000, with his BA degree in digital media quickly his work experience ranged from ESPN, the New York Times, Men's Journal and many many more. Steele is proficient in all photographic lighting environments and color management systems as well as portraiture, product, lifestyle, and post production. Steele's knowledge of reproduction values and printing as well as online and other visual output are exceptional due to his work with publications all over the world and their needs for output as well as web based products/outputs. Jon has been published by dozens of international surfing and skateboarding magazines and has traveled widely shooting the sports top professionals riding some the the worlds biggest and best waves and bowls. A Senior Photographer for ESM (10 years + contributing), works with SIMA and the Surfrider Foundation all the way to wedding photography, Mr. Steele is a well rounded and professional photographer in all sense of the word. Steele has personally raised thousands of dollars for the Texas Gulf Coast Surf Rider Chapters as well as helping out the Southern California Chapter even to initiating the Corpus Christi Junior Lifegaurd Program in 2012. Going above and beyond, his art shows helped raised more than three thousand dollars for Pterigium research as well as hundreds of dollars for the SIMA/ Waterman's Ball.
In the highly regarded Surfers Journal, Steele was named one of the world's top up and coming young surf photographers to which he has grown into a full fledged professional career. As of late 2012, Steele was the only person everto emerge from the Coastal Bend as a full time professional surf photographer. Jon Steele has recorded more professional accomplishments than perhaps any other Texas Surf photographer in th past 15 years. From 1999 to 2012, Steele's work was published in the New York Times and other publications including Surfer Magazine and The Surfers Journal.
"I enjoy every aspect about surf photography. The self-governing work ethic, the friends I make around the world and the new experiences that come with it." says Steele. "I love the smell of old rotting wetsuits on the floorboards of cars, big waves, fighting infections and dehydration in foreign countries and the surplus of good times that go with the traveling adventures. Experiencing new cultures through the surfing and skating lifestyles, are more of a reward than any paycheck one can receive."

Meet My Friend Gene Cooper

Meet my friend Gene Cooper I Have known Gene for some time from my friend Mike..
Gene is rad and I like his boards..
Gene and Bing talk shop....

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Travels are about to start... I will be looking at sunsets in a different country.
i hope to be surfing really good warm water waves here shortly.
I hope things are good in your world... I am feeling a little banged up from life but will mend... Traveling will help.....

Friday, October 26, 2012

Blake Jones

Blake Jones rips.... He does flips and the works.. I like watching him surf...
Long time friend Steve hooked it up with the Cyber top for my upcoming trip to El Salvador....
stoked and thanks!!! I hope to be working more with these guys in the future and for my wetsuit needs.. thanks team!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Just when ya question if the energy you are putting into projects is worth it and the return is for the best.... a friend from past travels sends you this from our drunken humid awesome night in Texas on a photon trip.... BADFOOT
and with that reassurance.. I just bought 2 new plane tickets to foreign places.. chasing my dreams and positive people in my life that make me happy... thanks ya'll!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Meet My Friend Dege O'Connell

Meet my Friend Dege...
I met Dege years ago and have been friends since.. Stoked for him and love seeing him in CA for the summer....
He surfs good and I can't wait til we hang out this winter in Hawaii!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Thanks!!! THanks for sticking with me!!! when the blog doesnt' get updated.. that usually means i'm traveling and working on photos... So be patient and upon my return photos and stories will appear!!! thanks and I appreciate it and hope all is well in your world!!! Just landed... photos to come soon. had a blast this weekend with the family in laws, dad and uncle!!! 2nd time hunting pheasants and this year the birds were there and i was shooting like i use to...
So blessed.. these are amazing to hunt and amazing land..... no surf in cali so it was great to get out in Gods Country...... Saw a bunch of Bald Eagles, Mule Deer, Big Pronghorn and muskrats.. haha watched a bedding bucks antlers in the deep grass as the dogs got was amazing to watch the 3 animals interact and such a pretty buck...!!!! No male mallards but got my first female mallards...
but the pheasants were what we went for and scored...
you can buy beer and ammunition on the same store aisle..
hope ya'll been gettin waves....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Work

Got some fun new work with Eric Geiselmann the other day.. enjoy the ad we shot!
here is a photo when we paddled up the Colorado river with our friends at Tahoe SUP.. It was a happy time...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barrel or Air

Barrel or Air....
one a day... thats all it takes....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meet My Friend Jay Adams

Jay is rad... he is hysterical to be around and still shreds... Here are a few photos that ran on the espn blog that I work with.. link: or
enjoy your day.. time to surf.

Monday, October 15, 2012


BING is rad.. i met him through my good friend Mike Black... here are some photos i took of Bing... good stories and hopefully the article will go to print soon..

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Surf Helps

Had a great garage sale yesterday.. it went well.. all my stuff is packed and ready to travel. I'm missing my best friend something terrible right now.......
I sold this painting yesturday.. stoked. no fog here its gorgeous out..
First northerns have started.. bikini season is over...
I need surf...