Monday, March 8, 2010

Tanker Surfing part 2

Spent all day at the TGSA contest.. good times and great friends..
Fire on the beach and lone stars in hand..
Gscott dropped in on his seat contraption and some groms were surfing really good.
the cool thing about this day..?
besides friends and surfing, is that you can be surfing and see the tankers coming in..
Then get outta the water, drive to the tanker spot and pick em up!!

got 3 this day.. all to my self and rode em till my legs hurt..

It just so happens Inge from Nebraska (a snowbird) was visiting and happen to be where it was surfable tanker style..
She loved what she saw and snapped some photos of me surfing...
I wish i had a different board to ride as you can see this flip stick was a tad hard to control in the conditions..
oh welll.. no one out!!!! for miles!!! hahaa