Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meth, Tattoos and Surfing!

Joe Crimo is a good friend and a great person. Joe is a wonderful human being with a HUGE heart.. The problem is is Meth /speed destroys EVERYTHING you comin contact with..
I have done a recent piece for ESPN of which i am really proud of.. I wanted to show kids that its not all glory at the top.
This piece is a heartfelt piece as Joe was one of my inspirations as a grom and a good friend. The surfing publication world doesnt begin to touch on subjects such as these because they want you to believe the world is fine and surfing is great for everyone and nothing is wrong.
BUT when what they build up is destroyed they push it under the rug.
Here is an interview i did tryin to show the youth the harms of drug abuse and tattooing that sometimes go hand in hand with our love of surf/skate/and life!

Will Crum and upcoming shows!

Gonna be showing / touring with Will here soon..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cowboy From Hell! / Jazz the Glass!


What: 'COWBOY FROM HELL' Jon Steele's Surfer's Journal Texas Article Release Party!

Along with movie premiere Jazz The Glass & artshow with Christian Wach & Jon Steele

Re: Jon Steele has broken the taboo on surf publications for Texas!!

On November 13, 14, and 15th Mr. Steele brings his Texas Article 'Cowboy From Hell' from the world renowned Surfer's Journal Magazine release party to Texas! Mr. Steele has teamed up with Mike Black and Stoke Films to also premiere the long anticipated 'Jazz the Glass' a pirated pirate surf movie. Traveling pro surfer's Christian Wach, Tommy Witt and Morgan Faulkner will be on hand signing autographs as well as displaying the very talented artist/surfer Christian Wach's Canvas Surfboard line. Touring with special musical guest Will Crum you will be able to hang out with the pros', enjoy some art and keep an eye out in the water as the group surf's their way through Texas.


Nov. 13th The Melrose Pub Galveston TX.

Nov. 14th House Of Rock Corpus Christi TX

Nov. 15th Padre Island Brewing Co. South Padre Island Texas

Doors: 7pm

Movie: 8pm

Band: 10pm

Cost: $10

Guest Pro's: Christian Wach, Tommy Witt, Morgan Faulkner


Nation Surfboards

Canvas Surfboards

Sector 9 Skateboards

The Surfer's Journal

Dockside Surf Shop


TX Surfrider Foundation

Strictly Hardcore Surf Shop

Padre Island Brewing Company

Press photos will be available upon request.

Be sure and check out Jon Steele's newly revamped website
Keep up to date daily with his travels on his blog.: http://www.jonsteelephoto/

Saturday, September 26, 2009

never ends

just tweekin on measurements, alighnments and spell check!
haha i gotta go surf!

the doors of perception!

Love this time of year!
Northerns are coming.... waiting for the storm....
new logo cause i have no life and nerd out all day..

Friday, September 25, 2009


so I have been workin at Astrodeck lately again and tweaked my back out the other day so I dont really want to be on the computer its hurtin the old man..
so here s a photo to take your mind off welll.. just off..

scary photo by STEELE

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hot summer day!

WIld in the Streets..

Sunday, September 20, 2009


The greatest SLAYER EVER!

enjoy.. watch it all the way through..
20 people... no one hurt.. one guy really into it..
I would have KILLED TO BE THERE>..

Get Hip

cause its the right thing to do..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love and Support!

The people that keep coming through! thanks so very much! I have injured myself pretty good the other day shootin the Nation photos with Daniel Franks and the days after that as the surf finally got super fun.. So now I am on the injured/ gettin bettter list. I should be up by tomorrow but just had some down time to say thanks..

I had the pleasure to get out and go visit some Really amazing people who keep the DWF on the flow team!

Gotta be happy with NEW FUTURE FINS.... I ride the hell outta em! Tim is a great guy and been keepin me in the water for the past MANY YEARS.. Great product.

and stopped by the best job ever place aka EG's office at Sector 9 and picked up some new Metal Gear and a sick new Joel Tudor model shredsled with optional rolling tray.
Then went to hang out at Herbie Fletchers' Art show/ pig roast! SICK!!!!!!!!
THanks GANG!!



there i said it... the word is taboo and i find that strange..
I dont want to be known as a SOUL surfer, an Aireal surfer, a turn guy or some loggin hippy..
Self Portrait '06

Slide mag and Jazzing the Glass!

check out my interview in the new Slide magazine with Mike " gnar gnar" Black about the newest Stoke Films release: Jazz the Glass!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Get SOME! Sharp stick in the eye!

So enjoy as BoltThrower lays the grinds and Kolohe, David Weare, Damien Farhenfort , Dean Morrison and MORE!
Video and Edit by Jon Steele

Good days and better nights!

Skipped out on a morning surf due to surfed out sore and bruised muscles..
Good feeeling if you have never experienced..
Did some cool things today and takin it easy.. Enjoy your sunset where ever you are!

I shot this of a fishing boat in Indo.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Surfer Poll and friends!

ERic Z just had a baby!
Sammy G was at the surfer poll, and I was having a blast!
Surf has been fun the past couple days! Down day tomorrow.
Surfing is why we are here..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


5'8 slasher model!
Nation MFG.
ME surfin out front photos by Daniel Franks!

Hold the LINE

Dont pitch your board in my way EVER!!!!!.......
THis was the perpetrators board.. My board is fin if you can imagine that!!
Future Fins are tough as nails...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bout that time!

Almost 5pm and the day is almost done. WInd wont be backin off so time to quench my thirst!
Surfed this morning at a beachbreak and had a BLAST.. Got my ass thumped a couple of time and had some great sections. Thats what this BLOG is about. Surfing!!! Surfing!!! Surfing!!! Surfing!!! Surfing!!! Surfing!!! Surfing!!!
So with that being said and Times being a little rough and tuff, I wanted to say thanks to some people who have REALLY been helping me out!

OAM leashes and board bags!!! Woohoo! how can ya live outta your van an travel without boardbags.

HeadHunter sunscreen!! THE BEST!! thanks so much for helping keep Surfing!!! Surfing!!! Surfing!!!
:) see ya on the beach!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

In the paper

Today for the Lowers event. photo: STEELE

In a room full of space.

Art is made.

Talkin to hear myself talk!

Talkin to hear myself talk!
Thats not usually what I am about but if you have a bloggy blog blog, then ya need to keep it updated..
and rather than always post up funny shit i steal from the interenet i will try to enlighten you with what i do in the world besides typing on a blog..
Here is a copy a magazine from Corpus Chrisit i just did some work for.. Stoked...
Thanks to Nate Lytle for sending me the files over.. Cant wait to surf when i get back~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

why we do it?

Never met you but a fan of your photography, sick air shot!!



Friday, September 11, 2009

Lien Airs and no crowds!

for 2 days i worked and the surf was fun.. ON the 3rd day I showed up to work and NOT one stickered surfer was to be found... The Swell had been missexploited and to the locals reap the benefits!

Long time shooter Richard Holcomb grabbed this shot of me bout to poke it to lien!
Thanks Richard!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Joe RIps!

Joe Crimo use to rip! he still might get it back, but he use to kill it regardless of what you think..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just 'cause!!

Italy revisited!

I wrote this about our trip to Italy a while back. Here it is again.
I will show ya some photos here soon!

Chasing waves, wine and women in the Mediterranean
Words and Photos By Jon Steele

"When in Rome!" Three words that quickly became our battle cry, as we slammed back shots of Lemoncello, gorged ourselves on strange seafood, partied like rock stars, and looked for surf every morning.
We had no idea what to expect upon arriving in Italy. But when Sean Taylor, Dane Johnson, Florida's Alek Parker, and I were greeted by Emiliano Cataldi -- local surfer and all-around-badass -- the trip immediately met expectations of the unexpected. Minutes later we were whisked away amid Roman ruins as the cold rain fell. For the next week and a half, the surf was stormy but expected to get better just outside of Rome, and we were thrilled to be there.
My ignorance presumed Italy to be home to a snooty "Euro " scene where everyone hated Americans. But it was far from the case. In our experience, the Italians hatred begins and ends with the French, and new friends quickly came out of the woodwork to meet “Ëthe traveling surfers.”
The first swell was met at a right-hander that had never been photographed before due to the fact that the Mediterranean Sea produces quick and fickle surf. We quickly learned that there are plenty of waves to be discovered in the south, an area most northern surfers don't visit due to the lack of information on wave consistency and short swell periods. Also, what adds to the obscurity of the south is that there just aren’t that many surfers in the area.
After our first session we were welcomed out of the cold with Lemoncello shots, a homemade liquor made out of lemon rinds, the finest wine I have ever had, and a lovely young woman-friend of Emi's prepared homemade spaghetti that was unforgettable.
We surfed waves that were hard to pronounce, but still enjoyed nonetheless. Shorebreaks, cobblestone points, right-handed slabs on top of old roman eel farms, windy, offshore, double ups, and harbor reforms were all versions of our foreign plaground. Shooting off ofË roman ruins, overlooking the waves was beyond comprehension. It was mindblowing. It was easy to see why the Romans considered this place the center of the world.
Candlelit bars with the finest, most stylish women I’ve ever laid eyes on were frequented nightly. In the morning, after a night of partying like European rock stars, we would head to the local cafe for espresso shots and a quick bite before setting off for the day in search of waves.
Sardenia was reachable by a seven-hour ferry ride with lush hillsides and sheep galore. The water temp at the time required a 4 mm wetsuit, but we were told that the surf was good year round, and trunkable during the summer months. After surfing we would shed our jackets and sweaters to enjoy fine beers, Panninis, olives, salami and local music. People watching quickly became an impromptu hobby we enjoyed bested only by the ridiculous amounts of food we put away.
Before departing, we enjoyed looking at the past, the present and discussing the f7uture with friends. It has since been one of my favorite trips with great surf, weather, and some skateboarding thrown in. With so much to take in and explore, it was a history lesson you can't learn in school.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Girls of SUMMER!

Meagan Abubo, Lani Doherty, Sage Erickson, Erica Housini, and more!!
Music: Blazing Haley
Video/Edit by Jon Steele

LOWERS Makes me puke!

especially when Damiean and David are killing it!
Music by Blazing Haley!
Video and Edit by Jon Steele