Thursday, March 25, 2010


WOW... what a month it has been! Great shows just keep fallin into my lap!!
Must be the good people i have been surrounding myself with!!!
SO... Here it is in all its GLORY!!
Christian and I drove down to San Diego to get a few clips of Kyle Turley for and upcoming new series by Dibi Fletcher the "D-Files"
Properly named haha.. anywho.. after meetin a pretty lady and watching / shootin the opening act (Kyle) and several cold beverages.. on came Hank!
If you have never seen him, please do your self a favor, have a whiskey and a beer and enjoy the show.....
2 hours later and my ear drums are blown out, i cant feel my leg that has been hurting for the past week and the dance floor is goin berzerk!!!!!!
What a great time with the Sector 9 gang and Pumped EG got the photo of me chatting it up with the old boy!
THANKS friends!! good times.. oh and the surf is good too!!!
now go pandora Hank 3 or AssJack!