Friday, March 12, 2010

DICK DALE part 2

WOW... JUST WOW!!!!!
73 years old owning the gitbox..
I owe Gscott alot of beers now.. some for shootin me surfing, Some for letting me take his imagery and put them on this blog and some for shootin me in background of Dick Dale LIVE at the Executive Surf Club 20th Bday bash!!!!!!
check me out in the background..
Thats how close you were ! haha..
HE IS HILARIOUS too!!! played the trumpet as well as mouth harp!!!!
INSANE.!!!! just as good as SLAYER live....

same level different genres.... WOW.. fukin WOW!!!
im typin in all caps cause im pumped!!!!!!

i have tons of downloading to do but G nailed some sick shots... So i am platforming them here for you!!