Monday, October 31, 2011

Frankie Hill

Frankie Hill...
Frankie is the man...
Frankie and I were very good friends when I was living in Santa Barbara.
Many a stories and many a good times with him....
We got to hang out for a bit last month.
Frank signed a board for me and I was THRILLED!!!
It was great to see my old friend.... Buy his boards....

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Here is a shot of Jorge working the other day in the studio... It was great to work with him again and he throws work my way when he can..
Got to meet and hang out with Cindy Whitehead on the set.. She is an old pro skater and you should google her.. Great gal and has grinder more coping than most men.. Great to talk to her about shooting with Warren Bolster and tons of other great shooters..

OK.. back into the feild we go.. Update with more pheasant photos soon.. :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

South Dakota

Life and death happens out on the plain....

Hunting is all about just being in nature.... the smells, the sounds and the fresh air..

So traveling has been tough as always.. hence the lag in the blog..
today was a great day in South Dakota...I really couldn't care less about missing surf right now..
Got my first Pheasant... So stoked..
it's cold but pretty gorgeous out there..
my dad shot this photo of me and thats what makes it all so epically perfect... I hope you are having a great day and tell ur family and loved ones that you love them...


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Questions for Photographers

For a students project invterview:

- When & where was the photographer born?
I was born in 75 in San Antonio Texas

-Did he/she study photography or self taught?
I took classes at Del Mar College and graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a bachelors' in the year 2000.

- Describe the genres the photographer works with primarily; landscape, portraiture,etc. where were the photos taken?
Most of my work in of the surf and skate scenes in Southern California where I live and the other is traveling around the world chasing waves or touring with skaters and rock-n-rollers.
I like taking "lineup " photos of surf breaks the most and its a timeless way to look at a wave and get stoked..

I like shooting portraits of the athletes where they do their gig, versus in studio surroundings.

- What would you consider the style of your work?
I would consider my body of work just life. Some people get up in the morning and go to a cubile all day. Others wake up and grab a surfboard or a skateboard or thier guitar. I like to mix photos, prints and paints. What ever I'm in the mood for. I just did some great work with Dinah Bowman recently. We had a wonderful reception of the pieces at the Felder Gallery in Port Aransas, Tx.

- Does the photographer use film or digital? Type of camera & equipment used for photos.
I will occassionally use film for certain projects but the 95% of my work is digital.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Back home in California and straight into a SIMA job..
Exhausted. Mike Morrissey help shoot this.. This is my parents house, Danielle helped out on the set yet again.. She's so rad to be around..
Tons of editing to get into right now... Lots of coffee today... Thanks for continuing to check in.. Like i said before, when the blog goes silent for a bit, Shit is goin down!!! :)
More photos and video to come.

Will Crum

We had a blast in Texas... the sun is rising over the mountain in California right now... Its awesome.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Had a blast yesturday..
Photos to come!!!
Slow groggy morning that got motivated by Danielle (and why wouldn't she motivate u!? ) ;) and off to the beach we go!!
Fun in the sun then saw a tanker coming in we wanted!!!
Mike and Morgan shared a sick Tanker wave and we saw a bunch of sharks people caught...
Then off to the skatepark to shoot some tricks and I got my first Texas Plant!! Soooo pumped!!!!
I love driving over this bridge........ I love Texas....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Texas Javelinas

I hate javelinas.. I love em at the same time.. baby javelinas are awesome.... These animals smell bad.. but are fun to hunt..
Danielle took us out to her property yesturday. Mike and i drank beers, went to the king ranch store and hunted into the evening..
I got 2 javelinas' and dropped off at Ed's to get ready for the ramp session/ BBQ on friday!!

I love Texas!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guest List

is everybody in?? The show is about to begin.......
Workin on the guest list for the upcoming show this saturday!!
Mike got here and the surf was tuff yesturday!!! WE got some work done then enjoyed Lone Star's at Ed's ramp!
Ed is my best friend and we had such a good time skating all last nite.. :)
Can't wait to do it again on a large scale Friday nite!!
Show Flyer
OH snap!!! 3 clips in the can before noon today! Dang!!
3d video by Mike Morrissey

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Life is good..
the show went great!!!
The work was well received!!
Then i caught a Tanker wave.. Then the waves were SICK here and we scored all day Monday. Photos to come soon!! :)
So stoked to surf with friends and fun to see Boothy enjoying Texas..
Thanks alot to Wes for the help and thumbs up to bring my short board!!
I was blessed to score that little corner left to myself for about an hour and 1/2 !! :0!!!
Glassy and sunny!! soo blessed.... !!

thanks for shooting G... Thanks again Wes!!!!!! Truly appreciate it friend!! SOOO PUMPED!!
Fun waves early this morning but got shut down early.. could have been all time if the wind would have backed off... Oh well.. Suring with trunks and good friends!!!! can't beat it...

Friday, October 14, 2011


Tonite is the night of the show and I am thrilled at the works created!!!
What a fun weekend it's gonna be and stoked to sell some art!!
here is a quick shot of the collaboration between Dinah Bowman and myself..
soo stoked!! You should see the rest of them!!
This is made on a full size Palette.
see ya'll at the show tonite!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Upcoming show this friday!!!
Tired from the past week of work and fun..
Up early, assissting jobs and tons more getttin ready for the upcoming show this week!!! Hope to see you there!!!
Bucketing pools in Venice to shred:

Crails and Anthony Pools!

Tyler Mumma shows ya around the poolside.

Monday, October 10, 2011

On Tour

When ya don't hear from me thats when ya can bet I'm traveling!!

I went up to Santa Barbara with the Mumma Brothers...
It was a fun trip. quick but we got some work done..
Video gonna be out soon.. In fact!!!!!.... THE FIRST VIEWINGS will be to a live studio gallery audience..
Flyer for the show:

Here are some shots my best girl Alora and I shot when hiking this month.
:) soo blessed..

Well worth the hike.

Watch out for the Ne Ne's...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

San Onofre

San Onofre is truly a great and fun place to hang out... to surf, learn to surf, drink in the sun, throw horseshoes or just lurk and watch the surf..
Pelicans are the best surfers....

Bakker and his grom get a few...

Grom gets a big fish and takes over 45 mins to land.

Badfoot enjoys a beer in safety in international waters.

Uncle Steve gets a few shots on his Waveski!!!

And remember, there are no dogs allowed in the Dog Patch

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Compliments and Good Work

I LOVE when people write me for questions on photo work. Or just tell me they enjoy seeing my work.. Anyway you slice it, it's nice to be noticed... and appreciated.

Here is a nice letter from a friend.. Here are some nice photos of Nate Yeomans surfing. He is working really hard this year and doing well!! Can't wait to work with him more in Hawaii this upcoming year!

Hello Jon,

I hope this note finds you in good health and high spirits. After lurking your photos, I thought I should send you a shout out ... Your artwork and photos have great energy, a true reflection of the live you're living!

Cheers to you!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Punk Rock Mornings

My mornings start off with Mason Mann cruising by with the new Animal Style Tshirts..
How punk is that... Homemade Tshirts, hand delivered by the lead man himself....
Support ur local scene... Buy their Tshirts and go to their shows...

Blast It!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Above & Below

Gettin ready for the upcoming art show with Dinah Bowman!!
Soooo stoked..
so i just get an email.
my old friend from elementary school, buddy is gettin his fish done... he stops in Dinahs to talk about the progress. He sees our work takes a photo of this. He wants his fish like that now too..
stoked.. already gettin work from the show.. :)

I like this print.. its cool... cant really see the detail but cool..
THIS SHOW is gonna be AWESOME!

"Above & Below"
The Collaborative art of Dinah Bowman and Jon Steele

What: “ABOVE & BELOW” An exhibition of a unique collaboration between Texas artists, Dinah Bowman and Jon Steele. The distinguished careers of both artists have taken them to oceans around the world, and both have had a considerable influence on how people appreciate our oceanic wildlife. Meet them both and see what they have recently done together.

Who: Collaboration: Artists Dinah Bowman & Jon Steele

When: Friday, October 14th from 5-9 PM.

How: Relief Monoprint or Japanese named "gyotaku" with Texas scenic water imagery. The life on the Texas coast both "Above and Below" the water and expansive coastlines.

Why: An artistic collaboration of the Texas Coast and the animals that inhabit the water and coast.

Where: The Felder Gallery
1726 State Highway 361 # F
Port Aransas, TX 78373-5074
(361) 749-2388


To learn more about the artists please visit their websites:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Terry Chung

Been slammed with work which is GREAT! Bout to go on a skate surfnazi tour.. gonna be sick!!!
Got to hang out with legend shaper/ waterman Terry Chung lately on the islands..
been working feverishly on the photos as well as a gig for SIMA..

good stuff about to be up on the blog.. :)
Life is good....

this is a photo of my friend Charlie paddlin out.. I like it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Surf ON!

So during one of our lessons last month, I shot some still photos that have yet to get published.
Badfoot was out in the water shooting some footage....
I got such a kick outta this just because i was a part of it and our new found friends are funny as hell and we had a blast..

SURF from Jon Arman on Vimeo.