Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Lenses

Pretty excited to play with my new lens and get some shots done for ESPN this week..

Got a new place to shoot lineups this swell as it will be larger than most... Out front of Sterling's house is gonna be SICK!!!

I hope you are doin well and about to get some waves!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friends around the world

So Skye started kindergarten and had a homework assignment ..
She sent me "Flat Stanley" in the mail to take his portrait around town to show where he traveled..
I decided to take him SUP'n out to Seal Rock and enjoy the sea lions as they rested and swam..

Then it was hot tub time to rest tired bodys at Sterling's new hot tub!!! Stoked !!!! so well needed!!!
Here i am hamming it up for the camera!! haahah or just full of steak, beer and wine.. You can see Catalina island in the back and San Clemente's own Seal Rock... such a good time, such a cheesy photo..

Enjoying the hot tub and sore muscles!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A summer wrap up.


After saying goodbye to my German surf lesson friend Johanna today i'm catchin up on some editing, shopping and relaxing.. glad the surf will slack for a day.. Gonna give me time to catch up and hair.. I'll be on the road in the morning tomorrow pickin up new gear and the likes....

Had an amazing dinner and hot tub at my good friend Sterling's house with my ladyfriend the other nite..
Photos are rad... in the moment of this photo we are sharing pure stoke...


No seriously it has been nutz!!!
I get done with work pulling triple shifts at like 6pm and pretty much cant move or think anymore....
It is nutz!!
I catch some zzz's in the surfshack inbetween lessons, kayak tours and SUP'n..
Been in meeting with Sleigh and the Rogue SUP boards...
Gettin ready for tours and promos with Tahoe SUP boards
Gettin camera gear ready and the likes... Dinner with the family and TONS of Coffee at all times...
the blog will be updated shortly.. Probably tonite...

swells are coming and clearing off my plate... :)

gotta run, surf lesson at 10am! ;)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Days

Ryan Divel Hooked it up for me.. I only own 2 pairs of everything clothes wise. (insert Fight Club reference here)
Its a pretty good rule of thumb to have.. Anywho, things get dirty and old real quick though so i have been in desperate need of new surf trunks and shorts... SO i asked good friend Ryan to help out and he came through to the fullest.... Soooo stoked..
Truly appreciate it friend. these shorts are sick, super stretchy and perfect!!! thanks!

So yesturday was Mark and Badfoots Bday. I missed the get together cause Alora and I went to visit our good friend Sterling's house and break in the new hottub. Update soon...
Been hangin with my lady and having a great time in Laguna..
Amazing steak dinner that i finally spent some money on myself.. Ya got to every now and again..
A walk downtown past some photo art:

Work has been plentiful and for that I give thanks!!! Stoked..
Laguna sunsets.. ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't be Hayden pt. 2

Don't Be Hayden (part 2)

I think or it might be my 3rd or 4th Hayden installment.. hahah..

So besides my creepy laugh on the clip Hayden is finding his lines in the etnies park of Lake Forest..
Huge thanks to Nick Gates for letting us shoot as well as Ashton "Thrashton" Maxfield for always helping out!!!
Super pumped and we will be hittin this park up more and more as the new additions and bowl are SOOO SICK!!!!
With the gold evening light in the fall starting to happen we will be getting some insane shots..

enjoy skateboarding..

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lower Trestles

My buddy Brian was working with this website...
Pretty fun interview:

Carissa Revised

Finally got another little edit done for Carissa Moore.. I had been busy and just got to water marking these so enjoy..
Can't wait to see her this year and shoot in Hawaii..
Off to a full week of work which will buy new camera gear!!!! woohooo...
photos from lowers, Mexico, Hawaii etc..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Walkin Hard

The past week has been tough and fun.. Lots of work, some sun and lots of fun...
Been watchin the Dewey Cox movie over and over again.. It makes me laugh and thats a good thing...

Walkin to the store last nite to see Mason at Gina's Pizza in Laguna and get some Lasagna (his new band Animal Style reminds me of Dewey Cox fore mentioned). hahaha you might recognize Shea from Raw Helmet and Hayden Hanson playing as well.

any WHO.......
holding hands with my ladyfriend walking to the store and a white barn owl suddenly flys into a palm tree infront of us... HE IS THE RADDEST bird ever!!! Just hung out and watched us watching him for about 10 minutes... I didnt take a photo but here is what one looks like.. So cool to see him in Laguna.. I cant wait to go get some art supplies and draw him... soo cool..

Saturday, August 20, 2011


My mother is having a Birthday today..
She has been the glue of our family.... There is no way i can begin to write how much she means to me and what she has helped me accomplish...
There is just not enough time nor words to write the great things.....

all i can do is call and say thanks and I love you......... thousands of times a week!!! :)
call your mom today!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Waterman's Ball

I am double bloggin so you can enjoy your Friday relaxing and checkin out fun photos..
This piece of art was sick!!

SO the following evening is the Waterman's Ball hosted by SIMA..
It is an auction to raise money as well as a presentation for LifeTime Acheivement award: George Downing (One of my favorites and an amazing story teller)

Enviromentalist of the year: Zuma Jay

Waterman of the year: Greg Long (truly deserved and most humble man I know)

Pamela Anderson, Jon Rose, and Evan Slater chat it up..

My art was auctioned off for $350 (Surfboard Lowers painting), I believe it went to Paul Naude! ;) and $200 (for the skatedeck painting!!) Stoked to help out. (bottom Right hand side of photo)

Perry Ferrel buys some of Thomas Campbell's work.

Paul Naude (Billabong) , Gerry Lopez and Wooly aka Richard Wolcott aka Volcom

Jeff Divine and artists, Reef McIntosh is RAD, Doug P from VANS portrait.

Chris Christenson is my HERO!!! I love this guy!! I met him once years ago and he has always remembered my name.. He always says hello and I am thrilled to have friends like that.. the guy builds INSANE boards!!!! Thanks Chris...


Jeff Divine and George Downing.

Waterman's Golf Day

Every year the Watermans' Ball and Golf Tournament happens..
It is fun starting off on the golf course first for the day..
Best Dressed:

BeirGarden mmmmmmm and Sector 9's wedding and Shaddy takin a swing!

Hard at work with Bruce Beach and my boss Mandy and the Editor of TWS Business

I know Danielle from Roxy loves being up this early!

Pat O'Connell watches the Rabbi take a swing

Russ and Liam play through while a Sushi roll makes a break for it!!

Jeff Booth tee's off while Sal shaka's out!

Oh you're gettin on a plane in an hour!! SMELL THIS!!! hahaha
Bubbles while you play???
the calm before the storm...

If Sean ain't happy, ain't no body happy!!! hahaha.. Looking forward to next years already!!