Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SPRING BREAK!!!! and Smoke along the Tracks

Surf Photo by Gscott
images from the Gseat and more!! Thanks for shootin buddy..
A skateboard i made in homage to the Texas Tour! Some waves are really good...


So my dad bought me a wood burner while i was home. I was PUMPED as i had all these decks to play with..
anywho i was inspired to do this for my boys at Sector 9 and the rest is pretty cool
Rob sent that picture of my Hank art to none other than Hank and here was his response….

Hank 3 “ man looks super cool carved in the wood like that....Killla man “

Man these cats don't Mess around.. they are the real deal check out how sick this photo of my bud Rob from Sector9 with Hank at the mudbog.. EPIC.. i am pumped he sent this photo over!

One day the train was passing, I caught it comin’ by
To look this old world over, under god’s blue sky
My darlin’ stood there weepin’ as I was lookin’ back
I kissed my baby cryin’ in the smoke along the track

Bye, bye, so long, there’s something down the track
It’s callin’ me
Bye, bye, so long, I guess that’s just the way
I’ll always be
Now when I get this feelin’
Don’t try to hold me back
I’ll only leave you cryin’
In the smoke along the track

I like to keep on goin’, it helps me when I’m blue
I get the urge to travel, that’s all I want to do
I know I just can’t settle down because I like to roam
And when I hear that whistle blow I gotta move along

Bye, bye, so long, there’s something down the track
It’s callin’ me
Bye, bye, so long, I guess that’s just the way
I’ll always be
Now when I get this feelin’
Don’t try to hold me back
I’ll only leave you cryin’
In the smoke along the track

I know my baby loves me, I love my baby too
But she don’t understand me when I’m feelin’ blue
And when I hear that whistle blow I hurry home to pack
And kiss my baby cryin’ in the smoke along the track

Bye, bye, so long, there’s something down the track
It’s callin’ me
Bye, bye, so long, I guess that’s just the way
I’ll always be
Now when I get this feelin’
Don’t try to hold me back
I’ll only leave you cryin’
In the smoke along the track
-Dwight Yoakam

Somewhere in Mexico....

A while back i was blessed to be introduced to a guy named Jan..
Jan opened up his town to a traveling band of surfers and really showed us a good time and introduced us to some great people and a great surfing scene...
here are some outtakes from the trip and some photos of Jan..
gracias por todo!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ESPN work and more!!

GOt a busy day today meeting up with Cote at TWS to drop off the Jazz the Glass Movie for a potential review... then off to skate the Sector 9 bowl with Greyson Fletcher cause it rained last nite dammit!
If its gonna be stormy at least bring some waves!!!

here are some random shots as i was diggin for another portfolio.. enjoy...
One of my favorites of Cory Lopez, somewhere thats good, me banking a frothy one in Texas (photo Gscott)
and a barrell i wish i was in!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Here comes weather!!

with weather comes waves.... lets hope for some glassy evening sessions and bombs that reform into barrels!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

TOMMY WITT Interview!

here it is in all its glory..

Surfer: Tommy Witt
Age: 22
Profession: None
Sponsors: Retrospective wetsuits
Herbie Fletcher Surfboards
Astrodeck Traction
Ofish'l Fins

Just like any San Clemente surfer, Tommy Witt is content! Tommy shows up to the interview after a surf with typical look of a surfer; sunbleached hair, red eyes and one goal on his mind! Wolfing down 1 bean burrito, 1 cheese quesadilla and 3 rolled tacos and 1 pabst 24 oz. his priorities are in order and ready to divulge in the Q & A. He loves his life, surfs, works as little as possible and eats shitty food after surfing all day, the typical San Clemente surfer diet. But Tommy is nothing but typical. Young girls keep interrupting our interview with phone calls and texts' but I am not the one to drop in when females are catting around the coolest cat in town.
Tommy states he is influenced by the surfing of Herbie Fletcher and Joel Tudor and anyone who rips, thus landing himself a ProModel from Herbie Fletcher surfboards. In saying that you have to include the talented crew he is constantly surrounded by at San' O (San Onofre State Park) to include greats like Mickey Munoz, Christian Wach, Alex Knost, Jared Mell and a plethora of young ripping kids. What is NOT typical of the laxidaysical S.C. surfer is the way he approaches longboarding and the grace and technical tricks he has mastered unlike anyone else.
To put it simple, Tommy just likes surfing like everyone else does. His favorite waves include the Trestles area and the surrounding San Clemente beaches. Surfing didn't just come natural, Tommy states he has to "try just like everyone else" and "no one is a natural at surfing." He Likes to surf all types of boards from fishes, to trifins, to 10ft. logs and surfs with his friends besides the longboard crew like Dane Ward and Drew V. The evenings have been finding him jamming out with Dane and Brandon Ragonovich.
Some people dont ask for much in life, what some would call unmotivated I call perfect balance and a "California Dream!" Tommy loves to surf in 78 degree water, LOVES his new record player and gets rootsy with such bands as 3rd World, Peter Tosh and Culture which should give you some idea of the speed his day goes in. Mr. Witt teaches hot girls to surf for money at San 'O all day, surfs his brains out and then meets up with the same hot girls at night to put down some beverages and B.B.Q. only to wake up and do it all over again the next day.
Unfortunately sometimes the beach bum lifestyle can work against you. Like when your supposed to finish shooting for an article , or get words out of a "recluse" type surfer on why they are so mysterious and show a "don't give a shit" attitude.
These are all things typical of what makes the "surfer" life seem more appealing to the mainstream.BUT what is it that seperates us? Why does one person take his surfing beyond others and if being a "Beach Bum" all day is bad, then how come it keeps landing Tommy on the cover of The Surfer's Journal?

Fuck it, I'm goin surfing!

Friends in Low Places..

But some have done really well!!
David Flores is an old friend and an amazing artist.. We met years ago in Santa Barbara living in the same studio complex couple doors down. Eventually our buddy Carl Nunes would grind the rail of a two story building with a drop of death on the other side.
My appartment was cool and Ricky Higgins would eventuly move in and share rent with me for some time as well as Matt Brooks and anyone on tour or surfing up the coast! haha.. anywho....
anytime you walked into daves appartment he was hunched over his desk with some beats goin in the back goin "Yo!, check this out!" , and things like "Mad!" .... i was always pumped to drop in cause he was always thrilled to be pounding out art.. and SELLING ART!....

One time he woke me up early one sunday morning cause i didnt lock my door after i had gotten jumped along with the urchin divers who lived underneath me after walking home from State st.....I wish i had taken a photo of that cause my nose was busted up pretty good.

Nordstroms' downtown had $.25 coffee and we would barge it every Sunday or so and check out the ladies.. These were awesome times!!
ANYWHO.... check out David's art...
heres a board i am working on...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Passin the Torch!

for a fee of course!! haha.. no i am stoked to be teaching groms as skateboarding is so very fun and fun to shoot photos as well.
Surf was good today and saw Kolohe get some good ones.. Sign up now classes start soon!
Stoked i got a pass to skate Ladera Ranch now!! woohooo..

Friday, March 26, 2010

For the Groms!! Cancer sucks!!

Mike Doyle Customs in Texas and myself worked on this board for an upcoming auction for Cancer research and hopefully end it!
I am stoked on it and all the photos are from Texas so its' that much cooler!!
thanks to Sirfur productions for taking the photos!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


WOW... what a month it has been! Great shows just keep fallin into my lap!!
Must be the good people i have been surrounding myself with!!!
SO... Here it is in all its GLORY!!
Christian and I drove down to San Diego to get a few clips of Kyle Turley for and upcoming new series by Dibi Fletcher the "D-Files"
Properly named haha.. anywho.. after meetin a pretty lady and watching / shootin the opening act (Kyle) and several cold beverages.. on came Hank!
If you have never seen him, please do your self a favor, have a whiskey and a beer and enjoy the show.....
2 hours later and my ear drums are blown out, i cant feel my leg that has been hurting for the past week and the dance floor is goin berzerk!!!!!!
What a great time with the Sector 9 gang and Pumped EG got the photo of me chatting it up with the old boy!
THANKS friends!! good times.. oh and the surf is good too!!!
now go pandora Hank 3 or AssJack!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


AMAZING SHOW!!! do yourself a favor and go see this man!!!
wow!!!! Finally catchin up to some editing!! haha

a Day in the Life!!

Livin' the dream is what i keep gettin told it is...
sometimes i beg to differ yet others... tis true....
these blogs can be short and to the point sometimes.. sometimes i can get in depth or at least try...
so got kicked down the Jazz the Glass Board to work with by Nation MFG!!! Engle rules.. boards are nutz!
Christian liked it... and he hates fishes... got a tail pad and always good to see Ms. Dibi.
Sector 9 is treating me to a night with Hank 3... cant wait so off to the freeway with me.. waves were sick today but i ran some important errands.. shoot with Daniel Franks tomorrow and pop a few gems myself if im lucky..
dropped of the new Jazz the Glass DVD's to the one and only Jake Howard's office today.... would love to see some ESPN coverage.. they are good to me over there!!! stoked and isnt that what its about!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

long hard trip..

Long drive from Texas today..
EG helped refuel the fire and hopefully get to shoot Hank tomorrow nite..
You can tell EG is a fan.. EG is the man out of a band of guys who run the show at Sector 9... Good people...
great boards and support art at its finest....
Wind farms are HUGE... gnarly drive into CA today..