Wednesday, March 3, 2010

new shoes and even newer Ramps!!

so I drove to Texas straight through from California..
its a 24 hour drive and gets pretty intense in the wee hours of the night..
So i woke up cranky and tried to get some more sleep but how could i when etnies sent me two new pair of shoes to try out!!
SICK!!!! thanks Thrashton Maxfield!
They are the baddest new Black Label pair !!! Perfect... felt so good the first session that i was doin boneless to disaster on the hip.. I havent done that in years..
IT should be a good week with a new camera to shoot and new shoes to feel good on my feet!!!

thanks for following my blog... Im much better now that i got some sleeep food and booze...
shower helped too!!
thanks again etnies!! You guys RULE!!
more skate photos to come this week!