Friday, September 30, 2011

Josh Buran

Josh Buran is rad..
I like the way he surfs.. It's crazy, he lands his shit and his bag of tricks is well rounded....
He lived in Corpus Christi Tx for a stint.
Keep surfin radical

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Less is More

Gnarly day with computer crashin and lots of other funny happenings around electronics...
Anyone wanna donate a imac to me it would help my cause tremendously. hahah
enjoy this..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


SOO PUMPED to have taken some time off.. Not really all the way off as i was playing tourist with my girl and surfing and answering the phone.. but Truly tried to stay off the interwebs for a bit...

It felt good but definately let the blog slip... I was gettin recharged and thinking about alot of writing projects coming up..

Alora took these photos of me surfing.. Stoked!

Airs (I wish i had more time here are I know you could figure this wave out to punt like a sob!! :)

Who Says I don't go right?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beach Vacation

Off to see a new part of the world... Old actually, but new to me..

Spelunking is kinda sketchy especially when u have to swim underwater to the next cave...

Lurking on the beachbreak enjoying the sunset and a massage with adult beverages.

Amazing Waterfalls will sing you to sleep..

After swimming with some fish we took a short drive and got to hang out with old friend Troy and his wife Mailyn and new dog. So stoked on his new house.. Its truly gorgeous..... was treated to steaks and good conversation.

Alora feeds chickens.

So when business calls we make pit stops and handle office work with a nice view..

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Vacation.... I swear i will update soon...

It's hard to get to the interwebs... im in a little house with my little lady having a little bit of a good time surfing and shooting an occasional film....
Here is what i have also been working on!!! BLAST IT!!

For Immediate Release:

Date: Oct 22, 2011

Re: "Piece of Mind" artshow and film by Jon Steele
Additional art by Davis Eiermann, Chris Aeby, The Orchard Brothers & Chris Garcia

What: 6 Artists, 1 short film and Live music by Will Crum
Autograph Signing by Professional Surfer Mike Morrissey

Cost: $10

Where: House Of Rock
511 Starr Street
Corpus Christi TX 78401

Jon Steele is back in his hometown of Corpus Christi to show yet another diverse collection of his artwork and photographic travels from around the world. Armed with five local artists from the surf and skate community they will be displaying all newly created art for sale. Professional surfer and skateboarder Mike Morrissey, from Laguna Beach, will be traveling with the group and signing autographed posters. Rock-n-Roll duo Will Crum, from San Fransisco, will be playing into the evening.

Sponsored by: Sector 9 Skateboards and Covered Up Surf Shop

Please feel free to check out the artists work here:

Jon Steele:
Chris Aeby:
Orchard Brothers:
Will Crum:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Movie Time!!!

I have been so blessed lately its amazing... Hangin with the top tier of surf shooters and able to call them friends..
My brother has emailed me twice this month about seeing me in surf movies randomly in UTAH!! YES UTah!!!

HAHAH.. soo fun!!! A huge thanks to friend Dana Brown for him putting me in the movie High Water and allowing me to speak my mind on camera!!! Here are some screen shots...

A HUGE boost of confidence to be among the elite top shooters and athletes in our industry... SO PUMPED..
all of that hard work is paying off.... Thanks to James Fulbright for the introduction to Dana...

SO I am in the islands right now and taking a vacation.... Not that the bloggin will stop but definately take a back seat to just enjoying whats happening and re- energize the stoke.... which in turn will create a better blog for us all!!!
Thanks friends and family!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Fun

Had a blast this weekend with yet another party with Sima then meetin up with Josh Kerr for an interview, hangind with Peter Wilson aka JOLI on the beach. Chattin it up with Jack English and Jed Noll and just enjoyin it all. Cleaned the house and ready to get off to Kauai today..
Here is a board that was auctioned off Sat. Nite. Its a 10ft Balsa by Greg Noll.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jason Murray

Jason Murray was the photo editor when i was interning at Surfer mag back in the day..

Jason just had and art show downtown featuring all of his big wave photos.
It was a great time, good party and some amazing work..
the place was packed and San Clemente needs more showings like this..

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friends around the world

Been working real hard lately.. but bout to take a mini vacation. woohoo!! I want it to be good like this again!

What can I say.. I have some really good friends!! I needed a pair of headphones as I lost a pair shooting the other day.
Got the hook up from good friend Jason Arnold from SkullCandy.. I needed a stereo for my room and travel and the small silver round thing are said speakers.. sooo sick and perfect for traveling hotel room music.. Stoked

HUGE THANK YOU for that!!! Got some headphones that keep the noise out and some to get my shred on with.. HUGE thanks!!!
it really means alot to me..

Friday, September 16, 2011


Now this was happening last nite.... good times with Tom, Jason and birthday boy Jeff!
Prayed to the surf gods all last nite offering tequila but to no avail. just onshore slop. Oh well Jeff Had a good bday and i had a lovely walk home. mmmm Biscuits and Gravy will set the world straight now!
Got a busy weekend coming up and tons more of this to do with friends!! I hope there are waves where you are......

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nate Yeomans

Nate and I have been friends for quite some years now... It's really cool to see how everyone's surfing grows and changes...
Nate has a really good bag of tricks...
My coffee hasn't kicked in yet so i'm writing slow...
We got some great clips yesturday and some rippin was goin on for sure...
Nate's mute 180 was sick!!! Josh Kerr is just KERAZY... Dooma did alright and more fun to come!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

San O Day

Badfoot and I took John Lininski out to surf with his buddys...
I know what you are thinking.. WE look like JERKS....

WELL we arent.... WE took some buddys surfing and turned them on... They were stoked..... surfing is about sharing stoke.... so who is the JERK now?

Some ol coot mouthed off as we pulled into San O... Real classy you old fart.... hahaha its SAn O and you surf like a hodad.. ahahahah...
anywho... The guys were way rad and we had a blast for 2 days..

Ran into more friends than we could shake a stick at.. Steve and Barrie Boehne were there, Steve Baker and his family were sharing waves... it was a great time and everyone was stoked to meet our gang..
After that I met up with my lady friend and watched the sunset in Laguna...

Prior to the week we had a blast shooting lowers.
Richard Holcomb and I shot some photos and talked shop.. it was WAY RAD!!

i got this starfish photo..

Monday, September 12, 2011

Question the Answer

Dear Jon,
Hi I want to know where did you studied photography or if you know good college for studying photography.


my reply:

Thanks for asking.. I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara.. It was a really good school and I learned alot...
I haven't researched any photography schools in quite some time so I dont really have a good update for you.
I know a friend of mine went to the NYC film school and he is doin well..

I hope that helps and good luck..

Ian Simmons is from Texas and has been living out here in San Clemente.. He is surfing really well nowadays. stoked..
here are some recent shots.

For Those Who Can't

I did this board and it's not finished.. Its something thats been on my mind for quite some time.. Its a tribute to Greg Cheek but with some different things gonna be happening on it.. Like i said I have been slammed with work lately.....

keep with the blog and it will unveil itself..


This is also another board I have been working on.. It's titled "For Those Who Can't!"
It translates to getting off the couch and quite feeling sorry for yourself and go surf or go skate.. There are others who cannot so I must do it for those who can't!
It's selling for $400

Had and amazing time with Sterlin at his sunset overlook house...
SOO FUN and such a great part of SC.

My parents and sister visited and Sushi was amazing.
I have been teaching surf lessons and life is a blurr but super amazing right now!!!
SO BLESSED!!!!!!!!!