Wednesday, September 14, 2011

San O Day

Badfoot and I took John Lininski out to surf with his buddys...
I know what you are thinking.. WE look like JERKS....

WELL we arent.... WE took some buddys surfing and turned them on... They were stoked..... surfing is about sharing stoke.... so who is the JERK now?

Some ol coot mouthed off as we pulled into San O... Real classy you old fart.... hahaha its SAn O and you surf like a hodad.. ahahahah...
anywho... The guys were way rad and we had a blast for 2 days..

Ran into more friends than we could shake a stick at.. Steve and Barrie Boehne were there, Steve Baker and his family were sharing waves... it was a great time and everyone was stoked to meet our gang..
After that I met up with my lady friend and watched the sunset in Laguna...

Prior to the week we had a blast shooting lowers.
Richard Holcomb and I shot some photos and talked shop.. it was WAY RAD!!

i got this starfish photo..

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