Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Movie Time!!!

I have been so blessed lately its amazing... Hangin with the top tier of surf shooters and able to call them friends..
My brother has emailed me twice this month about seeing me in surf movies randomly in UTAH!! YES UTah!!!

HAHAH.. soo fun!!! A huge thanks to friend Dana Brown for him putting me in the movie High Water and allowing me to speak my mind on camera!!! Here are some screen shots...

A HUGE boost of confidence to be among the elite top shooters and athletes in our industry... SO PUMPED..
all of that hard work is paying off.... Thanks to James Fulbright for the introduction to Dana...

SO I am in the islands right now and taking a vacation.... Not that the bloggin will stop but definately take a back seat to just enjoying whats happening and re- energize the stoke.... which in turn will create a better blog for us all!!!
Thanks friends and family!!!