Saturday, April 3, 2010

Well I'm Traveling Traveling baby Traveling on!!

Good to see ya but i gotta be traveling on!
-Tom Petty

Being on a surf trip is awesome. I know its pretty cliche coming from a pro surfer/ pro photographer/writer, all things paid for kinda way. But to really reiterate to the reader, the everyday Joe surfer, the aspring groms or just anyone who hasn't had the chance to get out and travel as a group or "surftrip" it is the best part of life. Traveling is just really clicking with the group and friends and laughing the whole time experiencing new things and scoring rad new waves. We literally laughed for the whole week straight and couldn't have asked for a better time There are many headaches and quams with traveling for waves like; missing flights, getting skunked, baggage fees, gas money, getting the groups tickets to match up, customs and uncooperative weather. and potential for things to go wrong, but the payoff! oh yes the payoff is well worth endouring all the minial BS.
Keliang shot this of me at Bank Vaults in Indo.. Good times.
OIL PIERS was one of my favorite waves... RIP
you could surf the left all the way to the beach that would be feet away from the pier and try and hit the pier with your fan.
I miss that wave alot!!!