Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Friend on da beach!!

Had a great morning yesturday surfing ... took off on 3 beautiful waves..
one was really outstanding.. Big 5ft drop into a clean bowling wall.. Good hacks and friends goin over the corner watching as you approach full speed only to crack it off the top and move quickly into the next bottom turn..
Greg Long was out as well as Rusty and Dusty Payne..
Here Dave Giddings, SK oniell filmer and all around badass and Matt "...lost" Biolas talk shop...
Damien Farenforth is back in town and will be working with him alot more!!!
SUMMER come on!!!!

Went to teach skating , got rained out then met with Thraston c/o Etnies top PR guy Ashton Maxfield and enjoyed a few coldies before the rainbow..