Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photo Questions!!

THis letter came to me via email so i thought I would open the doorway for further questions and conversations you might have about photography, art and movie making.... thanks for taking a look....

"Hey Jon, over the past year I've gotten more serious about photography and will do some traveling/surfing in Asia over the summer. I'm curious, what lenses do you usually travel with? I've gotten a good variety but seems kind of sketch to bring them all."

Aloha Rob and Thanks for your inquiry... I usually try to pick the lenses i will need for the type of job i am goin on.. But in a nutshell these lenses are my staple...I bring alot because i do a variety of shoots when traveling.. from shootin local beauties on the beach, the surf action and skateboard/snowboard scene.... do you research on the spots and see whats the least you can bring to get the job done....

and that doesnt even scratch the surface on my iphone camera (see attatched laser cat photo) and G11 or snapshots and camera bodies.... sheesh.... dont forget the kitchen sink! haha
Bringing them all unfortunatlery is the call you have to make..
What i suggest is pelican cases and locking them to the frame of the car and or truck.. master locks and bike wires work good and can be used to wrap around toilet fixtures in third world country hotel rooms when goin out to dinner.

Or you can always take Laser Cats with you for protection!