Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Old Foam photos

like i said, I dont like stealin shit off the intranest.. but Mike BOyd posted this up on El Ride of him back in the day...
he was workin with Mark Ulrich on Hosanna.... surfboards and doin the Hatin' Satan show!!!
It was a Heavy Metal surf influenced show on Public Broadcast TV...
It was on at like 11pm and hard to watch the whole thing.. haha
Notice the Stryper poster in the back and anti 666 statement on the boards..
I had a Hosanna... growing up and it was one of the boards that helped my progress the MOST! I loved it with a bat Astrodeck pad to boot!!
I LOVED that the Hatin Satan show was as the town was kinda lame back then and you couldNT EVER see surfing OR METAL on TV...
anywho.. thanks for posting mike.. those were some good times as a kid coming home drunk and stoned and watching that...

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  1. so where can i get a hosanna surfboard now days?