Thursday, February 4, 2010

Down day and ASR!

GOod day got to hang out with the Sector 9 boys at the ASR show.. Best booth hands down! haha..
Thanks a Ton to EG for the hook ups.. Always good to hang out with that cat..
Saw some really good friends which was nice.. dane Peterson an Kassia... Carl Steindler from Tws...
Good stuff..
I cant figure out why these are posting out of sequence but will figure it out soon..

So these photos are from Jess Beirnat who is accomplishing himself in Texas as "the Water shooter" in town.
Stoked on him and his work..
I had surfed for MANY hours in the morning and HAD to go out again for a second session.. I mean it IS texas and you have to surf till you cant surf any more cause it WONT be there in the morning!!!!

Stoked on a few of these turns... This is a top turn air larial!! Warren Smith named these tricks after me!!
its a air with a Larry Bertleman layback.. hence the name a LARIAL!!!
! haha.. Stoked.. i pull this shit all day long in my sleep!!
blast it... !!!