Monday, February 15, 2010

Jazz the Glass for SALE!!

Jazz The Glass is at the manufacturer's and will be arriving next week.
We have a discounted pre=release sale of the DVD for $14.99 at our website, DVDs will start shipping the last week of Feb. 2010 Check or for updates.
I didnt make this nor write the press release.. i only shot the surfing and help put the word out..
Good surf for the past couple of days..
Goin to mexico early tomorow with Sterling about 8 hours into baja...
here are some photos my friend Richard shot of me working last week.. I was a fan of Richards work as a grom looking at Surfer mag.. So its pretty rad to be on the other end of the lens by a real legend.. you can see the mountain behind and how pretty it has been here since all the rain and high pressures and blue skys...