Sunday, January 12, 2014


Aloha also means goodbye.


So, another year / season has come and gone and I am off the island in a few days again. So i wanted to share a little on my trip this year.
WOW is all i can say.. One of the best seasons of my life over here..

First and foremost.. THank you to Pete Hodgson for sharing knowledge, your garden, SUP days, friendship and photos..It really meant a lot to me..

Vince Cavataio and your shots of me.. THANKS, I am THRILLED to have imagery from legends like you and Pete whom i have looked up to and been inspired by your imagery for years. (Still to this day) so to grace your lenses and get shots of me surfing is a dream come true.!!! and it makes my mom VERY proud..

Jimbo Yarborough.. Thanks for opening your house and home and insight.. Amazing meals to keep the troops moving, random aloha daily and Coffee every morning!

THE HEN HOUSE!!!! LOVE and friendship and some of the best girls in the world.. Thanks for opening your house and always being there for me.. It was exactly what i needed at the end of a stressful year.. LOVE YOU GIRLS!, your friendship, what you had to teach me and inspiration..thank you. and Chris the token male in the house is rad too. haha

Huge thanks to Gavin Beschen, Billy Fortier and all the athletes, shapers and friends I was blessed to work with this year. Peter King for the epic SUP shot!! ;) Thanks Sector 9 and the team for everything and all the outlets who have bought photos/ videos and continue to buy work hahah !! stoked.
Stoked to make some of the best imagery of my life and watching all of my friends new and old continually push the envelope.

Aloha and thanks!!