Monday, January 20, 2014

Aloha Hawaii

the last day on Oahu i was able to slip out for a few waves at Pipeline before getting on the plane b ack to Cali..

my good friend and legendary shooter Vince Cavataio got these of me surfing it.. 

and YES... it is extremely scary at all times out there and very very dangerous.. 
but a monk seal was cruisng through the lineup all day which is very rare and i was sharing waves with legendary pipeliner Derek Ho and just having an amzing morning :) 
enjoy the shots... 
thank you for all the help, love and continued support tthis year... I have never had a shot (especially from the water out there) so i am THRILLED hahah now i just gotta get one in a really big barrel! :) :) :) 

and got to see my friend from Guatemala and hang out.. she shot some fun photos skating my friends backyard ramp.. :)
what a YEAR!! whew.. lets do it again! 

love and aloha!!