Thursday, October 31, 2013


pipeline is alive and well!! new swell filling in now as i type this.. here is a link to a few photos I got on Surfermag's website of Pipe's Opening day. Pretty dang fun: link PIPELINE Fun days prior surfing and skating graveside pool with Billy and Danielle!!! Got some amazing imagery and you will see it soon on Sector 9's ad campaign!
always a good time!!!! Working on stretching and eating right to get good waves and shots.. got a few fun ones at Pipe the last few days..
and SUPER BLESSED to get shots from Legend Shooter Vince Cavataio again!! I am sooo very excited and happy to get these!!!!
Working hard on bettering my surfing.. and just really enjoying hawaii and the friends I have here.. Super blessed!! SUPER STOKED on this one.. Love doing these look backs in the barrel.. they are the stoniest!!!
Super stoked on these turns as well... gettin the cobwebs out of the bell tower and feeling out my sea legs again... Keep an eye out on the blog for new updates as i've been shooting and tons more waves on the way!!! Hope this winter is a good one... starting off right!!