Thursday, October 17, 2013


Slow morning waking up and taking care of the body after a few days of getting some bigger waves.. couple really fun ones and enuff to get the heart rate goin ;) Got a few injuries / stressed knee etc.... gonna paddle out just to get wet and meet up with an old TX friend.. be nice to sit out in the water regardless.. Tons of turtles always out. and the water is perfect!! here are a few sketches from 1988 when i was 13.. sending letters to my sister in college...
just randomness but its pretty funny to read what was goin on in my life at the time.. pretty cool... new book im finishing up... Glad my friend passed this on to me when we were in was great running into her down there and had a great season down there... Can't wait til next year.!!
Stoked to get this old photo of my dog Buck... He was one of a kind, the best dog in the world and one of the finest hunters i have ever seen!!!! LOVE HIM SO AND MISS HIM TONS!!