Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Travels to Begin

With my travels about to start... i have been missing someone terrible... someone who has helped me grow, taught me more than i have ever known.. helped me out in time of need, helped me to become a better man.... for this i am grateful... Traveling has always mended these missing parts of my life and that is why its so important that i fight for what i want right now..So that this hole does not get filled with something less awesome or that I forget how amazing we are together.. for this is what i feel i need in my life. Distance makes the heart grow fonder yet in my line of work, i know it also lets you forget.. :( ... I hope that she finds what she needs too and it involves me in it... I am excited about traveling.. just wish i had my co-pilot with me... I hope she reads this and knows how much she truly means to me... I don't want to lose her.
Owen Wright... Pipeline... Yesturday after sending off the Kestrel photos this Red shoulder Hawk flew to the edge of the cliff with a small mouse in its mouth.. It let me get within 12 feet of it while on the ground and i watched it devour the mouse.... then up to the cactus and chilled out to let me shoot these fun photos..
Soooo cool...