Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ditch This

Forgot about this ditch!!!! I have a notebook full of spots and dropped pins on my iphone.. but when its time to shoot everyone is always standing around scratching their heads on where to skate or where we can get a shot.. Had to shoot some Geiselmann skate ads the other day and BAM!!! Remembered this.. Went to check it out and it had been smoothed out the bottoms and a new quarter with a block on top was there... WOOHOOO!!!! game on!!! i wanna bring more crete and do this thing up right even bigger. The flats are bigger than they look and there is a wall ride further into the ditch... Stoked cause Eric skates really good and we got tons of shots and no hassles!! no one even showed up... Found Wardo!!!
a good weekend starts off with friends at Big Helyns..thanks for the skullcandy umbrella Jason!!
Winding down the season and just sold my work horse... I love this bike and have had it 3 years... time to move on to the next project... thanks for all the waves and help with work bike..
Fog monster moved in and gave us all a run for our money... enjoy your week!