Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Teenagers From Mars

Teenagers From Mars


Re: Jon Steele's "Teenagers From Mars" Skateboarding Art Show Reception

Date: April 5, 2014
Time: 7-10pm

Hand Plant Skate Shop
1025 Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, California

Cost: Free event

Teenagers From Mars is Jon Steele's first time showing strictly skate derived art. Mr. Steele collaborates with Hand Plant skate shop in Laguna to bring 20 years of documenting skateboarding he has captured from around the globe. Jon Steele is a renaissance man, writer, artist, photographer, skater, surfer, wanderer and his past and present work has taken all over the world.  China, Guatemala, New York, the Galapagos as well as many other spots and working with great and amazing athletes and talent. Its been non stop traveling, producing art and shooting photos and video closely with the Sector9 surf and skate team, XGames/ESPN site, surfing, skate and SUP magazines and websites as well as many more companies.

"I like the fact that skateboarding was an outlaw activity growing up as a kid and I'm blessed to have gone through that period in time of skating." says Steele "I think 'Teenagers from Mars' is a show that shows the fun and outlaw side of skateboarding and being different growing up then others." "I would have never thought that a piece of wood with some wheels on it would have taken me all over the world." recalls Jon. So make sure and stop in Hand Plant Skate Shop and visit with traveling skateboard artist/ photographer Jon Steele .The viewer can enjoy a complete different look and approach to skate photography and art.