Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Skate and Destroy

got to hang out with this skate guru legend humble amazing human.
Daewon Song giving me some pointers on a trick attempt and the difficulty of it!! ( stoked i got that trick under my belt shortly after this shot.
and a few high fives on my layback reverts 360! (never did it to 360) so we were both pretty psyched!!

watching Daewon skate in real life was a real life treat.. he is soo fast, smooth and his bag of tricks is limitless!!!!
Definetely a high point in my skate life..some one on one time with one of the best skaters in the world!! and humble to boot.. down to earth and super cool cat...
. super stoked...

then got an interview from my friend Matt Silva who's starting up his own zine and blog..
and even got some new Lakai kicks!!!
what a day!!!

Skateboarding is such a strong force in so many lives, so much so that tattoos are needed to express one's love for the skateboard.
Daewon's Tattoo

make sure and check out the latest interview from Mexico's Planeta Surf Magazine my buddy Jan did on me..
Been working hard, and its really starting to show...

hope y'all have waves!!