Monday, January 23, 2012

Frankie Hill

Frankie Hill is an old friend.. I have spoke of him before..
f/s boardslide in Santa Barbara.... all of these shots were taken around 1997-2000

He is consistent with his tricks as the day is long...
Been working on some hardrives and getting stuff together for him so I got to work on these photos.
It was amazing to work with him as a film/ photo student for my assignments cause he was so consistent...
Good times and I have TONS more to scan of Frankie...
Shot this at the Farmers Market on the Mesa in midday.. thats how confident we were with shooting.. took us literally 8 mins or so....

Goleta speed snap ollies

Carpenteria park fence gap

Another Fence Ollie speed snap.

same gap, different angle

Mute speed blur downtown Santa Barbara

UCSB board slide to fakie.. We have shots of him feebling this rail, i just need to scan it again.