Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Texas' best and more!

This came from a bulletin board labeled Texas' Best!

Paskowitz, Bradshaw, Yarborough, Steele

Wow!! Texas' best! ;)

Met bobby Owens the other day... That was pretty cool!!!
saw Chris surfing backdoor the days prior...

Question of the day:

hi jon,

thanks for sharing your day with us on surfline ... i followed your link to you website.  cool website. 

anyhow, i really love your photography ... i am an amateur photographer that sometimes shoots surfing ... if i may ask, do you use any filters on your canon telephoto lens when you shoot (what about a clear filter for lens protection).  i am just curious ... i got a clear lens filter, but i find that i like shooting without it (but then i worry about my lens).

anyhow, thanks for sharing your awesome gift,

aloha, amy.

I usually dont use filters on my longer lens. 600mm.. they have drop in filters that are very expensive.. and the front mount is usually just constantly wiped down and used with the lens hood.. 

for ALL of my small lenses i have a UV filter on them.. this helps protect the lens... I get moving fast sometimes and to have that extra protection is key.....

as far as color filters, i dont have any screw on filters, i use gel's and will manually hold them for the desired effect...

thanks for your question... please feel free to hit me up anytime and good luck with your shooting!!!
Thanks for the heads up on the website and glad you liked the surfline piece!