Saturday, August 7, 2010

Passing the Torch...... VeraCruz

I might have posted a few photos from our trip this Jan. to a new place with waves....
here is a short writing.....

It's pissing rain, 48 degrees at 6am with a 30mph wind to our backs, cold as hell and I am soaked to the bone.. 6 big white snow geese fly into our decoy spread and my dad an I stop our conversation, blow on the goose calls one more time then abrudtly open fire the second they are close enough droppin 3 out of the 6 to the wet soggy ground. These geese have traveled thousands of miles to get here as an artic blast pushed them out of the winterery midwestern states literally into our laps.

The truck had been meticulousy packed with decoys, waiters, shotguns, ammunition, hot coffee, snacks, rain gear and anything else we would need for this hunt. This where we part ways. My dad is very excited/ proud as he sees the care that he put into the goose hunt reflect in the care that I spent packing my own gear to go surf! It's a passing of the torch kinda feelin. Next to the hunting truck my truck is packed to the gills as well, yet my equiptment consists of surfboards, wax, camera gear, batteries, walkie talkies.

Off to catch some surf!