Tuesday, May 6, 2014

XXL Awards

The Big Wave XXL Awards were fun the other nite and i got to shoot for Billabong..
Great to see all my friends again..
Sam George is always awesome to run into.. Courtney Conlogue is growing up into a fine young lady and amazing surfer and human.. Gary Linden sees his dream in full motion..
Strider and Raimana and gang!!! Shawn Parkin is an epic shoooter... Sherm gets his insta gram on..
Alejandro is always great to run into!!! Chief Druku and Da Bull show you their hood signs!!

There was a Runkie sighting!!! Kolohe and the SC boys.... Ian Walsh dashing and loved by all..
THE GIRLS!!!!! Derek Dunfee is awesome!!! Dingo Bought me some whiskeys!! Koa Rothman is awesome human!

And Greg Long Takes the over all win!!!!!!