Sunday, November 10, 2013

School Friends

I am so stoked to run into my old schoolmate and best friend from Santa Barbara . Tyler Hinderer lives on the North Shore now and we got to hang out a little last year.. Super stoked to meet up with him this year and hang out even more!! SJ grom was visiting Tyler last week and it was really fun to show the grom around the island and surf with him and Tyler. Any time you are with someone who has never seen the glory of the NS is cool.. So..... we surfed everyday and had a blast and he caught 300 waves a day haha.. Tyler shot some photos of me surfing the other day when it was REALLY GOOD and not that crowded out there. Super stoked!! thanks brother!!
Got tons of fun barrels (a few he didnt shoot) but i was more pumped to see the grom handle it when a 6 foot set cleaned up everyone and he handled it well...