Friday, July 5, 2013

Meet My Friend Frankie Hill

Meet My Friend Frankie Hill Frankie and I have been friends for many a years... We have been through some tuff times together as well as some amazingly awesome times... Its a pretty funny story about the first time I met Frankie when I first moved to California when i first started working at the Church of Skatan skate shop in Santa Barbara.. I will get into that another time... But Frankie was the original stunt man of skateboarding.. Its truly an honor to call him a friend and the memories we share together... I had a ramp in my garage in SB and that was a place where we would get a 12 pak of budweiser and have a blast shredding the gnar... among the many a times of getting chased out of skate spots, other cops letting us skate when they found out who he was in downtown SB and 1,000 other stories... any who... his skating is still strong and legit!! Stoked to call him a friend and blessed to keep working with him in the skate world... I am BLESSED to have Frankie Hill in my life. Here is a double kickflip into a fast as hell ditch, an Airwalk, 360 flip and mute over wall.