Thursday, February 14, 2013

El Salvador

El Salvador was great and i'm looking forward to heading back there sometime this year!!! Can't wait.. AST runs a great show and one of the most beautiful places i have ever stayed... the La Libertad camp is pretty nutz too and Mary and I had a blast sliding those waves as well. its cold here and i'm missing warm firing waves like these.. it's Valentines and I'm missing my best friend and love... I love my job.. but i love my girl as well.... sometimes it conflicts... and that is when my job is the hardest... I wouldn't be doing as well as i am in life if it wasn't for this girl Alora.. Thanks Alora Rose!!!! Heres to a great Valentines day everyone.. grab the one you love and tell them so and hold them tight.. Once again this blog site has changed its layouts/ format.. so the photos are scrolling.. the words wrap and i gotta figure out how to make this all clean again.. besides all the other computer work to do today. hahaha.. Life is good... aloha y'all!!