Monday, December 24, 2012

New York

Long days and even longer nites... It ain't over.. it's just beginning.. got in early to NYC and slept here like a log.. on the floor .. on the concrete.. Comfy is comfy when your tired..
humans are dirty...
The gang checks out the shots.. I got the whole catalog which I am thrilled about...
The Empire State Building is Black and White
Christmas Colors are even cooler..
Times Square around 2am or so... i recall.
Don't forget the reason for the season!
and this gang is awesome to work with!!!
Been a long couple of days and gnarly travel day today.. Praying my luggage shows up and a few packages in the mail.. If you don't hear from me on the blog daily, it's because i am off to Ecuador and will update when i get to interwebs..... Thanks for the support and following all year!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL!!!