Saturday, November 24, 2012

Early Morning Cracks

Stoked Juan fired me up to get out there early yesterday.. this was the first wave of the morning and I am stoked to get it!!! Thanks to Juan... i wasn't even goin to surf.. and then a quick rock jump to get some adrenaline goin and pick off a few bombs...
BLESSED MONTH!!! I have been so very blessed this month to be working with such a great gang of people and surfers. If you are interested in El Salvador please contact Dave Hall at AST and get some of the most fun long waves with a great staff and crew!!! Link: I cannot tell you enough the good times, great waves and amazing work we have gotten done while here.. I am truly in love with the country and it's people. Beyond surfing, there are tons of things to do whether it be hiking volcanos, 4 wheel adventures through the mountains, riding motorbikes among vastly gorgeous jungles, zip lining above river gorgeous, visiting the worlds best coffee plantations, fishing and the list goes on and on!!! This has been easily one of the best trips in my life as a photographer and a surfer!! Huge thanks to Dave Hall, Baja Bill, Jorge in El Salvador, Juan Bolivar por todo, Tito and all the La Libertad groms!! Mary Osborne for working so hard and Rodrigo Avila for opening up his house and teaching me so much about the country and coffee!! The staff at both Las Flores and La Libertad!!! They have the best food for every meal and happy to work with you at any time of the day!!! SO BLESSED and stoked to call these people true friends for life… LA BUENA VIDA!!!!!