Friday, June 25, 2010


HUGE THANKS to Jon Arman for the footage for this next film!!!!!!
SO get your mop and rolling up your sleeves!!TIme to get dirty and clean up this here Gulf of Mexico them Brits done screwed up on us.
SO This is the reason my blogs have been lagggin...
been gettin ready for this art show!!!!


Re: 'impromtu' Artshow for Oil Cleanup

'impromtu' is a spur of the moment quick response by Texas coastal artists and photographers to help combat the oil cleanup. Taking care of their own backyard, Jon Steele and a band of local Texas surf photographers and artists are gathering to raise money to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf. The 'impromtu' art show to be held July 2nd at the House of Rock in Corpus Christi TX will host the party starting at 8pm with percentages of the nights money raised going to help the ongoing oil cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico. Will Crum and others will be playing acoustic sets among the many beach lifestyle driven artists. A short film from recent travels of Steeles' will be shown as well.

Artists include GScott Ellwood, Gabe Prusmack, Kendal Bayliss, Davis Eiermann, Chris Aeby, Stanley Orchard, Mike Boyd, John Olvey, Micah Steph, JR Watson, Dallas McMahon and more.

Photos will be available for press.