Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jarred Mell and inspiration!!!!

I hope that I present some good characteristics about photography..
Something for others to get motivated, stoked or strive for.. We get so lost in just doin our own thing and full survival mode that we forget that maybe someone is watching.....

Thanks for all your kind letters as they keep me sooo stoked and motivated to keep shootin an array of imagery and art!!!!

Jared Mell is one of my favorite kids to shoot... pure surf stoked.....

On another note, congratulations on finding a solid place to live. I like your work and you are a great inspiration to me in my pursuit of a career in journalism/mass media.

Nos vemos,
Austin Prowse

Rob Hess May 2 at 1:18pm
Now, I just need to get out and shoot some more. And yes, I was influenced by your style and work...any words of wisdom is appreciated.