Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love and Support!

The people that keep coming through! thanks so very much! I have injured myself pretty good the other day shootin the Nation photos with Daniel Franks and the days after that as the surf finally got super fun.. So now I am on the injured/ gettin bettter list. I should be up by tomorrow but just had some down time to say thanks..

I had the pleasure to get out and go visit some Really amazing people who keep the DWF on the flow team!

Gotta be happy with NEW FUTURE FINS.... I ride the hell outta em! Tim is a great guy and been keepin me in the water for the past MANY YEARS.. Great product.

and stopped by the best job ever place aka EG's office at Sector 9 and picked up some new Metal Gear and a sick new Joel Tudor model shredsled with optional rolling tray.
Then went to hang out at Herbie Fletchers' Art show/ pig roast! SICK!!!!!!!!
THanks GANG!!