Thursday, April 30, 2009

WHAT is a DeathWeasel?

GO check out my other blog while i regroup.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nike contest!

Well it was a good day to be on the beach!!!!  I didnt work too hard and my good friend Jason Kenworthy made sure i got my food pass! (much needed for the week! ) :) and it was on! Wardo made it, Machado made it, some good surfing goin on in mediocre waves.. OH did i mention Lunch was from my friends NALU's restaurant!!! PLATE LUNCH with extra mac and cheese please!  so im pumped about that.. didnt surf tonite but the groms were killing it.. Ran into Sophia and blessed to be kissed by a world champ!! regardless if its Peruvian greeting culture but its still cool. hahah.. I hope you got some waves today!! enjoy..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Get back on the 5!

What do you mean you havent surfed lowers!
when crowds collide:


so i have been shooting lowers lately and glad i havent been surfing. Way to crowded with kooks...
damn its dangerous... what i have been doin is shooting photos and video. My new section is called Claustrophobic and it shows just how outta hand it gets down there.. 
SAVE TRESTLES... for the kooks... sheesh...Did we do the right thing or do we give it back to the marines... thoughts?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Image driven!

If you havent noticed, that what i do for a living!


SO yes, the past couple of months have been NUTZ to say the least and I am now just gettin caught up.. So here is a medley of photos from the past months in TX and CA. 
Photos: G-Ratt at the 4310 ramp bar, Shepards Pie at Molly Blooms, Frankie at mollys with Russian liquor, Suffocation and Killamora live!, Pizza Port and painted surfboards and most importantly= WAVES!!!! 
Hope you are gettin some!! 
Keep surfin' Radical! 


SO a couple years ago i went to Panama with a group of amazing women!! I KNOW sometimes i pinch myself cause it IS the best job in the world!!!!!  Despite the DeathTaxi to Costa Rica and the misc travel hickups...we scored surf and new friends.. Thats what makes it all worth while..
Thanks to Holly Beck, Kim Mayer, Kyla Langen and Jenni Flanigan and the Azucar surf camp.

Alex Knost/Steele ART SHOW and Spring Break!

YEAH we had a good time in Texas!

What me worry?

OK OK, so i am gettin on this blog trip cause I have been having alot of help and support and want to give back.. Surf has been firing and i have been shooting..
Etnies have been helping out with the skate and clothing effort, thanks Thraston and Brown Blurr! If you get really board you can check out my other blog,
Keep ya updated.. Keep surfing Radical!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

me and the HERB!

so i have been blessed to hang out/ work with / surf with and basically befriend the godfather of surfing: HErbie Fletcher...

anywho, while working and learning with Herb , my friend and recently big wave XXL award winning photog. Jason Murray  aka MURDOG! Stoked he was happening  to take this shot of us working in Herbie's  studio.

any who, go check out Jason Murray's webpage/ work.. he's rad and so is Herb..


SO i have needed to finish an article asap about my friend mike..... 
I have been procrastinating like an sob! and i feel terr...well not terrible because i have been skatin with friends, shootin photos and and.....oh drinkin beers....
Life is good and well i will be motivated to write for someone who pays me momentarily..

until then, surf's coming up, had a great time with the boys and summers here..

Monday, April 20, 2009


Aloha and welcome to my new blog.. 
nothing special as of yet but it will be YOUR link to MY Crazy life! haha.. 
Thanks for checkin out and keep looking as its gonna get exciting here with summer and traveling coming up!!

With my best friend (Mike Black/ Gnar Gnar) moving to town and our love for good and cheap beer, there is bound to be some stories happening.